Research and Development


Capricor’s mission is to develop groundbreaking therapies that can make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives. Our translational approach to product development is based on the strong research foundation provided by our academic partnerships with leading scientists at top-tier research institutions. Our current clinical-stage products aim to treat and prevent the advancement of heart disease – a domain in which our expert teams have extensive bench-to-bedside research experience.

Our regenerative medicine platform is based on the innovative work of Eduardo Marbán, M.D., Ph.D., company Co-Founder and Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, and Director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. Dr. Marbán pioneered the isolation of stem cells from heart tissue, which provided the basis for Capricor’s cardiosphere-derived cell (CDC) technology. Additionally, Capricor has an exclusive license agreement with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for intellectual property related to the development of exosomes, a technology which may have the potential as a next generation therapeutic platform in regenerative medicine.

Ongoing research at Capricor spans the areas of product characterization, expanded use of current products, development of next generation products, and identification of new technologies.