Released by nearly every cell type in the body and a vital mediator of cellular activities, exosomes are nano-sized, membrane-enclosed vesicles that are filled with select molecules. These molecules include proteins and microRNAs, which send messages to neighboring cells to regulate cellular functions. Exosomes are versatile nanoparticles that exhibit stable, durable, and deliverable properties, making them effective at transmitting cell signals. They are present in bodily fluids, accessible, and can be readily isolated from cells.

Our exosomes program consists of exosomes derived from the company’s proprietary cardiosphere-derived cells CDCs and engineered exosomes, both of which are in various stages of preclinical development. While CAP-2003 was the initial technology used in preclinical development, we have expanded Capricor’s pipeline to include additional exosomes technologies.

We are now focused on developing a precision-engineered exosome platform technology that can carry defined sets of effector molecules that exert their effects through defined mechanisms of action. We have announced the planned expansion of our exosome platform technology that potentially may be used for vaccine development, vesicle-mediated protein therapies, and treatment of inherited diseases.